Adding Windows 8.1 Live Tiles to Your Website

This website now contain full support of Windows 8.1 / Internet Explorer 11 Live Tiles.

Live Tiles feature was firstly introduced when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7, and later this feature was brought to Windows desktop and tablet platform with Windows 8. When developers are developing Windows Store Apps, they can choose to add Live Tiles to their Apps, which bring immersive and active feeling to the whole system. With Live Tiles pinned to user’s Start Screen, new content is showed right on the tiles and the user won’t even have to open the App. This feature, in many ways, acts like the Notification Center in other mobile systems (i.e. iOS and Android).

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, web developers like me can add Live Tiles to their websites as well. When the website has new content, it will automatically appear on user’s screen if they’ve pinned your tile. And the progress of adding a Live Tile is extremely easy. Notice that this feature is only available on Windows 8.1.


为网站添加 Windows 8.1 / IE 11 动态磁贴

本网站已正式支持Windows 8.1 / IE 11的动态磁贴功能

在Windows 8中微软将Windows Phone平台的动态磁贴(Live Tiles)功能移植到桌面/平板电脑平台,开发者在开发Windows Store应用的时候可以选择性地开发动态磁贴功能。动态磁贴功能可以让用户在不打开应用的情况下看到应用的内容,一定程度上取代了在其他移动平台上风行的“通知中心”功能。

在Windows 8.1中,这个功能被带到了网页上。现在,网页开发者也可以为自己的网站添加动态磁贴的功能,当网站有更新的时候,所用已经订阅动态磁贴的用户都将看到更新,并且实现方法非常简单。注意,由于Windows 8自身缺陷,并不支持网站的动态磁贴功能,该功能只能在Windows 8.1上实现。 (更多…)